Children's Emergency Care

                           High-tech equipment and child-friendly extras                                 to make our new unit the best it can be

When children need emergency medical care it can be a very scary time for them and for their families. Strange surroundings, noises, people and equipment can affect how children cope with a visit to hospital and how they feel about it once they go home.

(L) Ceri Donovan Paediatric Advanced Clinical Practitioner and (R) Dr Jo Tillet, Consultant in Emergency Medicine

A tailored unit for children

By providing a calming, child-friendly environment we can help to relax and distract children of all ages so that their experience is the best that it can be. Our appeal will help to fund two interactive floor projectors for the waiting areas and sensory play wall fixed activity units in the waiting areas and assessment rooms.

We also want to purchase a piece of high-tech clinical equipment that the medical and nursing team will use to enhance the care that very poorly babies up to the age of three months attending the unit receive. It’s not an essential piece of kit, but it will make some procedures easier and quicker to carry out in an emergency.

We are delighted to have reached our target as planned at the end of 2021! The projectors and artwork have been installed (watch video below to see them in action) and the high-tech clinical equipment is on order and planned to arrive late summer 2022.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated to, fundraised for or supported the appeal in any way - we couldn't have done this without you!

Donate to the Children's Emergency Care appeal

We are still accepting donations to the appeal fund to support additional items that the team has asked us for, which includes specialist activity packs for adolescents suffering mental health distress, to help keep them calm and distracted whilst in the unit.

If you would like to make a donation or would like to fundraise for the unit, please get in touch with the charity team by emailing or by calling 01270 273248 

Additional information

We are raising funds to enhance the environment and to purchase high-tech equipment for the paediatric unit within the Emergency Care Centre at Leighton Hospital. There is a small chance we will raise more than we need for this project. If this happens, or if for any unforeseen reason we are unable to purchase everything that we’ve set out within the appeal, your gift will still be used to benefit children (over and above basic NHS provision) who attend the unit.

Speak to us about getting involved today so we can make a difference tomorrow.

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