Victoria Infirmary Northwich (VIN) Appeal

We need your help to get us to our £100,000 target to create a dedicated children's waiting room and to fund additional extras to improve care and experience for people using services at VIN

Following the huge success of our Children's Emergency Care Appeal for Leighton Hospital we've been asked to create a completely new children's waiting room at VIN.

The room will be separate from the main waiting area and will provide a safe, calming, child friendly space where children can wait for appointments or treatment.

Young patient trying out the interactive floor projector at Leighton
Young patient trying out the interactive floor projector at Leighton

When children need medical care, it can be a very scary time for them and for their families. Strange surroundings, noises, people, and equipment can affect how children cope with a visit to hospital and how they feel about it once they go home.

By providing a calming, child friendly environment we can help to relax and distract children of all ages, so that their experience is the best that it can be. By providing this space we will also be able to help relieve the stress and worry parents and carers experience when bringing their child to hospital.

We have set ourselves the challenging target of £100,000 to fund the creation of this space and to potentially help in other departments at VIN, and now we need your help!

Our appeal will fund the creation of a separate, safe, child friendly space within the main waiting area at VIN. It will also fund a high-tech interactive floor projector and sensory play wall fixed activity units.

At the start of 2022 we funded projectors and sensory kit for the new Emergency Care Children’s department at Leighton Hospital, so we already know the positive difference this will make to children in Northwich and surrounding areas.

‘The projectors play a huge part in helping us to calm and distract children who attend the unit. I remember we had a little girl in who was very distressed, and we were finding it difficult to calm her. I took her to where the projector was and within seconds her attention was on it and she almost immediately calmed down, it was amazing to see.’ Ceri Donovan, Paediatric Advanced Clinical Practitioner at Leighton Hospital

We're hoping to install sensory play wall panels like these at VIN

As well as the dedicated waiting area, we are talking to the team at VIN to find out if there are other pieces of high-tech clinical equipment, enhancements, or comforts that we could fund with the appeal to make the experience of anyone being cared for at VIN the best it can be.


The team at VIN are planning their own fundraising activities to support the appeal
The team at VIN are planning their own fundraising activities to support the appeal

Below is a short film about the Leighton Appeal which shows some of the items we want to fund for VIN's children's waiting room

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Collection Can Champions

Becoming one of our Collection Can Champions is a great way to support the appeal! Champions are responsible for managing up to five collection cans which they distribute within their local community.

Once a can is full the champion collects it and returns it to the charity. We periodically thank our champions and let them know how much their cans raised. We also provide the businesses with a certificate which they can display to show their customers how much they've raised.

Ideal places for the cans to go would be your local:

  • shops
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  • any other business where people are likely to spend cash

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Additional Information

We are raising funds to create a separate, dedicated children's waiting area at VIN and to be used to improve care and experience for all patients who use services delivered at VIN.

There is a small chance that we will raise more than we need for this project. If this happens the money will be reserved specifically for charitable projects at VIN only.


How can you help?

We are so grateful for every donation we receive for our VIN Appeal. To help us plan ahead and to keep the service running regular donations are even more important to us - even a small amount can make all the difference.

We love our fundraisers and enjoy supporting them with their challenges and events. If you have an idea for fundraising please get in touch to get registered and so that we can help provide you with any resources you might need.

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We are always looking for people who can spare a few hours a week to help our small team. You could help out in the office and around the hospital site or support us at events both at the hospital and in the local community. To find out more please contact our Charity Manager on 01270 273 248 or email

Corporate Support

We are very lucky to have wonderful support from many local businesses. Choose us as your 'Charity of the Year'; use our challenge places to give to your staff; talk to us about donating goods or services which we can use as prizes in raffles, or sponsor one of our events. Get in touch to find out more.