New pumps help patients to keep moving

Portable suction devices are helping to keep hospital patients active without slowing down their recovery.

Rocket Portable Suction devices, funded by Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity, are helping people keep their mobility at Crewe’s Leighton Hospital whilst they have a chest drain.

Two suction devices have been funded by the charity at a cost of just over £2,500, which has all been generated by generous fundraisers.

Suction is usually applied using wall suction ports on the ward meaning the patient can’t move from their bedside.

The new mobile devices help the patient’s mental wellbeing as they have more freedom and independence whilst they are in hospital. It will allow them to meet their families in the day room, café or go outside if they need to.

Portable suction units also have a digital screen that can inform staff when the patient last had an air leak. Staff can also download patient information from the device to a computer for research and quality improvement projects, which can help other patients in the future.

Dr Victoria Randles, Respiratory Registrar at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which manages Leighton Hospital, said: “Some patients need to move away from their bedsides and with wall mounted suction ports this can delay the improvement or resolution of their medical issue.

“The mobile devices allows the patients to move around whilst their treatment continues and it also frees up staff time to attend to other needs as they don’t have to remove suction aids.”

Emma Robertson, MCH Charity Manager, said: “When Dr Randles approached us about funding the pumps and explained the difference having them would make to her patients we were delighted to support her request. This is a perfect example of how the charity can enhance the care people receive and the experience they have in our hospitals and services.

“We’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who donates to, or fundraises for the charity which enables us to make a difference to local people every day.”