Positive Affirmations – we need your help!

Arts Programme Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity

With support from the MCHFT Arts Programme Manager we’re working on a project to support wellbeing both for our staff and for members of our local communities and we’d like your help.

Affirmations are phrases or statements that, when you repeat them regularly (either out loud or to yourself), can shift negative thought patterns and promote positive thinking, self-esteem, and motivation.

Do you use affirmations? Have you shared an affirmation with a loved one or friend to help them through a difficult time? Have you ever heard or read an affirmation that struck a chord with you at a time when you really needed it?

We’d love to know what affirmations you use, or ones which you think could help others in times of need. We will then include some of your affirmations in the project which will launch later this year. Please send your affirmations to charity@mcht.nhs.uk before Wednesday 24 May

To find out more about the charity funded Arts Programme and to access art resources to support your wellbeing click here