MCH Charity Funds New Pressure Map for CCICP Wheelchair Service

We are delighted to have been able to fund a new Pressure Map for Central Cheshire Integrated Care Partnership’s (CCICP) Wheelchair Service.
The Wheelchair Service provides a comprehensive service for people of all ages with long-term mobility problems and associated postural needs. The service provides initial and on-going assessment and prescription of manual and powered wheelchairs, specialised seating, modifications, accessories and pressure cushions for wheelchairs, with the goal of promoting independence and enhanced quality of life for people who use wheelchairs.

The Pressure Map is a mat that contains thousands of sensors. When placed between an individual and the seat cushion on a wheelchair, this equipment demonstrates where the pressure points are according to how the person is sitting. As a result, areas that are at risk for potential pressure sores can be identified.

Mary Foulerton, Advanced Clinical Specialist, demonstrates how the Wheelchair Service’s new Pressure Map is used to support patient care.

Once at risk areas have been identified, the clinician can then work with the patient to adjust the set up of the wheelchair, and suggest alternative seating positions, to help reduce the pressure on these areas.

While the Pressure Map is not an essential piece of equipment for the Wheelchair Service, it’s a particularly helpful tool. The visual element of the equipment helps patients to visualise how slight adjustments in their seating positions can reduce the pressure on high risk areas. Additionally, it can act as the final puzzle piece, to help clinicians understand why pressure sores are occurring in unexpected areas.

Mary Foulerton, Advanced Clinical Specialist, said: “Not all Wheelchair Services have this equipment available to them, but it’s a really great extra tool to be able to use for our pressure assessments, so that we can get the best outcomes possible and reduce the number of people with pressure ulcers and the severity of them. It’s another tool in our armoury.”

Watch Mary demonstrate how the pressure map is used to support patient care, via the video below:

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